Sunday, May 15, 2011

Balance 5-15-11

Sorry to be away for so long.  I've been with my husband on a boat at Lake Powell, Utah -- some Fourth Chakra time away.
We expected to be with some friends but they ran into some bad weather and couldn't fly down to meet us, so we had this giant houseboat all to ourselves -- which meant we also had to learn how to maneuver this behemoth (our friend was the experienced sailor).  My husband did great though, figuring things out and managing to get the boat on land for our nights out, despite a few close encounters.  I did a lot of cheering and encouraging, so we were a real team.
I also realized that steering the boat was a lot like being in a relationship.  You tack into the wind, you allow for the current of the water, you hold a reference point out on the horizon, but deal with the conditions at hand.

We missed the company of our friends, but learned to balance our time of togetherness and aloneness -- attachment and freedom.  In balance we find our own center.  Fourth Chakra is the balance point between the lower and upper chakras -- the downward movement of spirit into matter and the upward liberation of matter into spirit.

Here's a great exercise if you're in a partnership:  one person lays on the floor, the other lays on top.  Begin to synchronize your breathing, so that the belly of the one inhaling extends into the one exhaling.  Continue as long as you like...

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  1. Franke what a great analogy and I LOVE the photo. I am glad the two of you got some time together. I LOve you.....