Monday, March 28, 2011

E Z Target 3-28-11

Many years ago I worked in clay.  One of the things I enjoyed most was making what I called Mythic Figures -- gods, goddesses, archetypes of psyche.

One small figure was on her way to being an angel, complete with full wings, a trumpet in one uplifted hand, ready to blow the call.  But she never fulfilled that destiny.

As it so often happened, certain pieces just didn't make it through the transformational fire.  Whatever the cause, the little angel's wings blew off, as did her arms, and she had a nasty crack up her middle.  Her future was not bright, but I kept her anyway.  She looked so small and vulnerable, her mouth so ready to sound a call that instead was forever silent.

This malformed, voiceless, creature sat on a shelf in my studio collecting clay dust and watching as other more glorious, successful, figures went off to their life.

One day I returned home from having my yearly mammogram.  Besides the hideously and humiliating pancaking of my "girls," I was told to place two small sticky dots on my nipples so the radiologist could easily identify the area.  The label on the dots read:  E Z Target.

I brought the dots home (because I collect weird items), put them on the little angel who wasn't, and watched as she wondrously stepped into Her Self.

E Z Target is an archetype.  It's the Victim, the powerless, the one passed over, the one not heard.  This is the dark side of Third Chakra and I know this place better than I like to admit.

Chakra Three takes energy, action, willpower, personal authority, the commitment to individuation.  I've probably worked the hardest right here keeping a fire stoked in my belly.  Even now, as I sometimes feel my passivity kick in, I'm reminded of a part of myself that longs to live, to take flight, and blow my horn.  Loud!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Will of the Spiritual Warrior 3-21-11

The Third Chakra is the center of energy, of will power, of a sense of control and coordination.  It is the driving force to act and to complete the conceptualization, and the visualization that one has in life.
One who is strong at the Third Chakra will have a sense that their life and the quality of their life depends on what they do.  They are doers.  They can shape, direct, and develop what happens within their life -- there's a willingness to initiate.

When in doubt in the First Chakra secure your stations and hold to your old habits.  When in doubt in the Second Chakra, find your feeling and follow your passion.  When in doubt in the Third Chakra, ACT.  Do something, shake the boat, project your point, or get a vision, an image sent from the higher commander in self.

Begin the morning with Stretch Pose:  lying on your back, raise shoulders, arms, and feet six inches off the floor and do Breath of Fire.  This strengthens the navel center and distributes the energy throughout the body.       Keep Up!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CHAKRA THREE Burning our way to Power 3-16-11

Manipura.  Lustrous gem.  We are in the Third Chakra.  Fire.  Yellow.

The issues we will be concerned with are:
Pro activity

First chakra is the right to have -- Second chakra is the right to feel.

Third chakra is the right to ACT, from our own empowerment and without diminishing that of others.

Our meditation for the next forty days is the STRESS-RELIEF MEDITATION:
Sit in easy pose.  Extend the right arm straight up in the air, hugging the right ear -- elbow straight, palm faces left.  Left arm is extended up at a sixty degree angle, palm flat, face down, elbow straight.  Thumbs on both hands are on the mound just below the little finger.  Inhale through the nose, vibrating SAT.  Exhale through the nose, vibrating NAM.  11 minutes (begin with a shorter time if you need to, and increase).  This is challenging -- rest the arms as you need.
Exercises:  do alternating leg lifts for strength and determination.
                  and spinal twists for the liver and spleen.

I'll add to these as our forty days continue.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Final day Chakra Two 3-15-11

Today is the final day to swim in the waters of the Second Chakra!  Go deep.  Move.  Welcome change.  Feel your feelings.  Go for pleasure.  Enjoy!  Release all guilt.  Do the fortieth day of Sat Kryia!

Connect your Creativity to your higher self -- to God
and fully experience this human talent.

Monday, March 7, 2011

GUILT 3-7-11

GUILT is the shadow of the second chakra  -- the nagging voice within us that is meant to bring us to a realization that there is a standard and we have fallen short.  Like a stone in a stream, carried internally, the feeling of guilt can curtail the free flow of movement -- largely by taking the pleasure out of it.  There's so much pleasure associated with the second chakra -- and compulsive/addicted behaviors -- there's bound to be GUILT.  

Guilt polarizes the personality setting us up for an either-or mentality.  We can become locked in a struggle and find ourselves unable to hold the tension of the opposites -- the necessary function of the psyche before the Transcendent Function (according to Jung) can CREATE the new standpoint.  

CREATIVITY is the talent we develop working through the shadow of the second chakra.

There is only one more week before we move into Chakra Three.  Stay with the issues of the second chakra -- move the energy, do pelvic tilts, goddess pose, write in your journal about areas in life where you hold guilt, do Sat Kriya, dance, talk to your partner.  Keep up, as Yogi Bhajan said, and you'll be kept up!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


You can't experience the ocean from the shoreline.  You can't experience FEELINGS from your head.

Second Chakra is about the right to FEEL.  It's not always easy, or pleasant, or clear -- it can even be scary -- but such are the waters of the second chakra.

Emotion is the chief source of all becoming conscious. There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.                               C.G. Jung

Emotions are the way we organize feelings.

                   DIVE IN!   FEEL!