Thursday, November 10, 2011

1000 Days 11-10-11

Today we end our 320 day journey through the chakras.  Thank you to all who have been along during this time.  It's been quite a trip -- much has happened since December 26, 2010, when we began.
On a longer scale of time, in 2009, though Yogi Bhajan had exited this world in 2004, he left a 1000 day meditation for us to prepare for the Aquarian Age.  A thousand days ago I was sitting on a beach with penguins, a picture of my home altar on my lap.  It was there on Valentine's Day, with my love very far away, that I began the special meditation:  Sat siri siri akal!  I wondered at the time if I was the only person in that lonely region of the world singing out Sat Siri.  Maybe that was the reason I was there -- to cover the continent of Antarctica.
In a slightly longer cycle, we are marking the end to the Age of Pisces as tomorrow we enter the next 2300 year cycle of the Age of Aquarius.
Be well.  Be happy.  Do good things.

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