Monday, March 28, 2011

E Z Target 3-28-11

Many years ago I worked in clay.  One of the things I enjoyed most was making what I called Mythic Figures -- gods, goddesses, archetypes of psyche.

One small figure was on her way to being an angel, complete with full wings, a trumpet in one uplifted hand, ready to blow the call.  But she never fulfilled that destiny.

As it so often happened, certain pieces just didn't make it through the transformational fire.  Whatever the cause, the little angel's wings blew off, as did her arms, and she had a nasty crack up her middle.  Her future was not bright, but I kept her anyway.  She looked so small and vulnerable, her mouth so ready to sound a call that instead was forever silent.

This malformed, voiceless, creature sat on a shelf in my studio collecting clay dust and watching as other more glorious, successful, figures went off to their life.

One day I returned home from having my yearly mammogram.  Besides the hideously and humiliating pancaking of my "girls," I was told to place two small sticky dots on my nipples so the radiologist could easily identify the area.  The label on the dots read:  E Z Target.

I brought the dots home (because I collect weird items), put them on the little angel who wasn't, and watched as she wondrously stepped into Her Self.

E Z Target is an archetype.  It's the Victim, the powerless, the one passed over, the one not heard.  This is the dark side of Third Chakra and I know this place better than I like to admit.

Chakra Three takes energy, action, willpower, personal authority, the commitment to individuation.  I've probably worked the hardest right here keeping a fire stoked in my belly.  Even now, as I sometimes feel my passivity kick in, I'm reminded of a part of myself that longs to live, to take flight, and blow my horn.  Loud!

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