Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CHAKRA THREE Burning our way to Power 3-16-11

Manipura.  Lustrous gem.  We are in the Third Chakra.  Fire.  Yellow.

The issues we will be concerned with are:
Pro activity

First chakra is the right to have -- Second chakra is the right to feel.

Third chakra is the right to ACT, from our own empowerment and without diminishing that of others.

Our meditation for the next forty days is the STRESS-RELIEF MEDITATION:
Sit in easy pose.  Extend the right arm straight up in the air, hugging the right ear -- elbow straight, palm faces left.  Left arm is extended up at a sixty degree angle, palm flat, face down, elbow straight.  Thumbs on both hands are on the mound just below the little finger.  Inhale through the nose, vibrating SAT.  Exhale through the nose, vibrating NAM.  11 minutes (begin with a shorter time if you need to, and increase).  This is challenging -- rest the arms as you need.
Exercises:  do alternating leg lifts for strength and determination.
                  and spinal twists for the liver and spleen.

I'll add to these as our forty days continue.

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