Monday, March 21, 2011

The Will of the Spiritual Warrior 3-21-11

The Third Chakra is the center of energy, of will power, of a sense of control and coordination.  It is the driving force to act and to complete the conceptualization, and the visualization that one has in life.
One who is strong at the Third Chakra will have a sense that their life and the quality of their life depends on what they do.  They are doers.  They can shape, direct, and develop what happens within their life -- there's a willingness to initiate.

When in doubt in the First Chakra secure your stations and hold to your old habits.  When in doubt in the Second Chakra, find your feeling and follow your passion.  When in doubt in the Third Chakra, ACT.  Do something, shake the boat, project your point, or get a vision, an image sent from the higher commander in self.

Begin the morning with Stretch Pose:  lying on your back, raise shoulders, arms, and feet six inches off the floor and do Breath of Fire.  This strengthens the navel center and distributes the energy throughout the body.       Keep Up!!

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