Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Chakra 1-13-11

So, first chakra.  Muladhara.  ROOT.  Red.  The right to have.  This is where we begin, our roots, our foundation, our bodies, and our survival.  This is the support for all subsequent work.

Here are some of the key concepts to think about:  Survival; Earth; Grounding; Matter; Body; Food; Physical plane; Home; Family; Roots; Discipline; Foundation; Abundance; Manifestation; Stillness.
Take time to think about these things.  Journal about them.  Begin to explore your own first chakra.

Lately I've been thinking about food.  A week and three days ago I began a cleanse.  On it, I'm having a protein shake in the morning and evening, and a meal in the afternoon -- a sensible meal of a lean protein, or not, it can be vegetarian -- some veggies or a salad.  The day can also include a snack of hummus or almond butter with an apple if needed.

This has been/is very challenging.  I want my food!  I deserve my food!  I want David’s delicious popcorn.  And pizza and yummy, mouth-watering meals.  I even miss cooking them.  This cleanse is really making me look at the comfort of my food and the little pleasures that are a part of my daily life.  But, I’ve taken this on.  In clearing my system of certain things -- like dairy, and gluten, sugar, caffeine, I’m honoring my body and trying to give it what it really needs to function in a better way.  And I am feeling better.  I’ve noticed that my joints aren’t as stiff--maybe by the time this is finished, my joints will be pain free?  Has it been the nightshade vegetables that have contributed to inflammation?  Is it gluten?  Not sure, but I am feeling better and I haven’t had ibuprophen in ten days!  I used to have it at least once a day, which in some ways doesn’t seem like much, but added up over time, it can’t be good for my liver.  The cleanse lasts three weeks and I’m one week and three days into it.  I will stay with it, even though some days I wonder how.  Then I think what a whuss I am--I mean, there are people in the world who are really hungry.  I’m not starving, just in a little experiment.  It’s sinking me into an area of first chakra--food--a place I’ve been reluctant to go.  But between my inflammed joints and the extra pounds I put on last year with all the stress in my life, this seemed like the perfect time to pay attention.  One great think is that I'm not doing it alone -- my friend, Dee, is doing it too, so that's some comfort.
An interesting thing about it is that it's challenging HABITS.  First chakra is the realm of habits, automatic behaviors, and deep instinctual patterns we learn for survival.  
So this is good.  Challenge your habits--especially the ones where it's easy to go unconscious.

All for now,

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  1. MF... I need to hear all this, and food, oy vey! Letting go. I am hopping on the band wagon.