Thursday, January 27, 2011

In the Belly 1-27-11

This is the beautiful belly of my young friend Rachael who has graced me with this image -- a perfect picture for our first chakra series.

Coming into the earth plane we begin in the body of the mother--in the uterus.  What was that experience like before we developed any individual consciousness?  Everything we felt came through the mother.  Was she relaxed and happy or tense and fearful?  Did she eat well or poorly.  Everything about her impacts the growing fetus. 

I experienced a birth trauma.  After being in labor for a while, the doctor decided my mother wouldn’t be able to deliver vaginally, so a C-section was done.  During the operation, the surgeon cut my foot.  How did that effect my safety and security?  And my mother was young, immature, inexperienced.  How did I feel in her arms?  What level of adrenaline did I acclimate to and come to take as normal?  For this is the atmosphere of the first chakra--and everything is built on this.  

How are the infant’s needs met?  Are their cries answered or ignored?  Is the world friendly or hostile?  The substance of survival all comes from outside.  Here in first chakra and at this time, the developmental task of trust vs mistrust is set in motion.


  1. What an inspiration this rendering of Ganesha has been for me in three generations. A good start was had by all. Yay, root. D