Monday, January 17, 2011

First Chakra Demon -- FEAR

FEAR is contrary to the healthy state of the first chakra, which is associated with safety, security, and solidity.  To work through fear is to learn to relax and feel the subtle energies of the body, to have pleasure and expand our attention to a wider vista.  To combat fear is to strengthen the first chakra.  To live with fear is to weaken it.

To fully ground into a solid foundation, we must overcome the demon of fear.  We need to understand where it came from and how it served us, but that's not enough -- the fear response is still lodged in the body.  The next step is to release and integrate the instinctual responses to the fear.

Fear can also be an ally, teaching about self-preservation -- that is a healthy fear -- and it can lead to psychological development.  But stuck in a fearful state because of old patterns is detrimental to the body and psyche.

Moving from fear (believing that something bad might happen) to faith (believing that something good will happen) is a good antidote.  And that shift also builds TRUST -- and quality of the first chakra.

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