Saturday, January 15, 2011

Food 1-15-11

I'm still in the realm of food.  How it's part of our rituals -- the buying of it, the making of meals, the meeting others to eat, the community, the satisfying feeling of something delicious in the mouth and going down -- and it's grounding.  Food takes us into the body, it fires up our molecules, it can make us happy!  I happened to see an episode of Giada and was so envious of her relationship to the food -- her absolute enjoyment!  Pasta, cheese, tomatoes, olive oil -- the freshness of lemon zest, the nuttiness of parmigiano reggiano.  Food is life!  Food addictions are something else.  I guess this cleanse helps me to look at how I use food -- do I eat unconsciously, filling up my belly when it's really something else I'm hungry for?  Am I gluttenous, eating too much, have I a habit of stuffing, or a sweet tooth that can't be satisfied?  I know this cleanse is helping me to look at my habits--and hopefully when I'm through with it, I'll have a better idea what foods nourish my body and which inflame it.  I'll be a better eater in my own behalf.

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