Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Energy 4-19-11

Well, I've admitted this is the hardest chakra for me -- and it seems to be for others I've heard from or talked to.  What is it about stepping into our own power that is so difficult?  I know I can make a commitment with the most fervent intent, and then poof, it disappears.  Then I can feel bad bad and guilty and make all kinds of negative sounds about myself.  What a circle to be in!!!

Yogi Bhajan said that commitment is your only friend.  Pretty powerful statement.  My only friend?  Really?

It turns out that's so true.  Everything and everyone can evaporate from your life, but if you have a deep commitment to your Self, then you can live in Grace. The commitment is to the Divine and that's the first place it needs to be.  Anything else can follow after that.

So I'm working on building my energy to stick with my commitment -- to my meditation, to yoga, and to getting fit and strong (in all ways!).  I thank those of you I've heard from -- it sure helps me generate energy when I know you're all out there doing it too!


  1. My commitments
    1. Yoga (I am in a 1000 day kriya)
    2. Writing My Food down in the Food Diary
    3. 1500- 1800 calories a day
    4. 30-60 minutes of Cardio, some kind and more as the weather gets better and I can ride my bike
    5. Gym Classes 3x a week (Including trainer)
    6. One dance class a week
    This is it!!!!!
    Jai Inder Kaur

  2. Franke.... Beautifully put. Thank you for all...especially now, for your candor. If you email me through my blog, I'll respond to your email with a message I'm sending all Light Workers I know today.
    w/appreciation... Jo