Sunday, April 24, 2011

Last Day 3rd Chakra 4-24-11

One of my boldest, most authentic, and courageous, steps toward my Self, was coming to New Mexico twenty-seven years ago.  Against the cautionary advice and pleas of family and friends to reconsider, or “just rent” for a while, see if you really like it.  It’s a long way away.  It’s the wild wild west!  Are you really really sure?
Well, no.  Who is ever really sure?  I believed it was the right step for me  in the moment -- and it was just a moment.  The moment a tiny window opened in time and I jumped through before it slammed shut behind me.  I had to be quick.  I had to be bold.  I had to act before I came to my senses, my right mind.  I had to take a chance, step away from all that I knew, had ever known, and enter the unknown -- the new, the untested.  
I did.  And never looked back.

We’re leaving Third Chakra today.  We’ve gained the right to act and be an individual. We’ve wrestled with the devils of anger and shame and given up the attachment to being safe.  I hope you have become stronger in yourself these last forty days.  Personally, I’ve made my commitment to continue strength and fitness training--underpinned, of course, by my yoga and meditation practice.  

Let the fire continue to burn as we now learn to open our hearts!

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