Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding 4-29-11

                 Ahhh, Love, Relationship, Intimacy:  the Flower of the Fourth Chakra

Today much of the world population was glued to their television sets to watch as a handsome prince married his beloved beautiful princess -- the basic right of the Fourth Chakra, to love and be loved.
Seems very simple.  But we all know the tragic end of the other royal wedding of thirty years ago.  Love doesn't always turn out the way we intend.  So often, the promises made with such fervor, are somehow lost along the way.  
But our deep longing for love, relationship, and intimacy, is what seizes our collective psyche, and makes us watch, makes us long for the young couple, so full of hope and promise, to succeed.

Second Chakra stirs our emotions and our loins.  The energy of Svadhisthana (sweetness) is about desire and pleasure.  Fourth Chakra is a whole other world.  Here we must be very brave.  Here we risk knowing the other and ourselves through (as Joseph Campbell called it) the ordeal of marriage (or committed relationship).   This is a journey to the heart of the Self and we act as mirror for the other as we go.  Here we must be vulnerable, we must trust and open and heal the wounds of the heart, finding through its mazes and mysteries the talent of the Fourth Chakra:  Compassion.

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  1. Sat Nam. I am checking in with a story. My mother called me on the day of the wedding, crying about her own past and how she was so unhappy in her marriage, triggered by the royal wedding. (I do not watch TV) I have been having a hard time starting the meditation prescribed in the 8 talents. I had a very weird experience in the middle of the night after the phone call where I felt my dead father was in the room. So, I just opened the I AM WOMAN book and on the day of my father's birthday in the year and day before my first son was born Yogi Bhajan taught a meditation to heal a broken heart.(pg82) This is the meditation I am committing to along with receiting the 18th pauree to deal with the shadow. I need to forgive myself deeply and MOVE ON!!!!! Thank you Franke. Big Kiss to you and how nice to see the photo of you and Dave.