Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fifth Chakra Sound 6-4-11

Fifth Chakra.  Sound.  Vissudha (purification)
The issues are:
Finding one's own voice

The color is bright blue.  The location is the throat.
The demon is lies.

In the first four chakras we concerned ourselves
with form (1), movement (2), activity (3),
and relationship (4) -- things that are easily observed.
In chakra five, our attention moves to vibrations as the subtle, rhythmic pulsation that move through all things.

The meditation we'll be doing for the next forty days is the Meditation for Breaking Habits:
Sit comfortably.  Spine straight.
Make the hands into fists and extend the thumbs our straight.
Place the pads of the thumbs on the temples at the sides of the forehead, find the niche where the thumbs fit perfectly.
Lock the back molars together, keep the lips closed.
Alternately press the molars together and then release.  You will feel the rhythmic movement.
Eyes are closed and turned up.
With each pressure on the molars, silently vibrate the sounds "Sat-Ta-Na-Ma" at the brow.
Continue 5 to 7 minutes, breathing deeply through the nose.
You can increase up to 31 minutes.

Do shoulders shrugs, figure-eight neck rolls, fish pose, chant, and SING!

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