Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heart on My Sleeve 6-1-11

Picking up where I left off in my last post, my journaling set me on a course of learning to love myself.  For the occasion I bought myself a tiny gold heart which I began wearing on a long gold chain -- I wear it still.  Also, I decided to get a tattoo and chose a heart on my shoulder.  Both were reminders to love myself.

I said last month that I was deficient in third chakra energy.  I need more action steps, better boundaries, passion and power.  In the fourth I would say I'm excessive -- a strong movement outward which lets very little energy in.  This eventually depletes the core, which tries to replenish itself by connecting with others in the same excessive manner that caused the depletion.

It's like the story of being in an airplane when the oxygen levels are compromised.  When the masks drop, you have to put your own on first -- before you can help others.

Tomorrow is the last day of Heart Chakra -- Friday we'll be moving onto the Fifth.  I hope you have had a healing of your heart, that you've attended to the most vulnerable and sacred aspects within yourself, that you have found compassion, and that you are ready now to express your Truth.

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