Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Truths and Lies 6-15-11

I ran into trouble with my computer just as I was completing a big project -- my creative expression was erased -- my voice was silenced.  Now with a new computer, I'm back on line, and beginning the reconstruction of my project.
But I had to think about the whole idea of not being able to give voice -- how has that happened in the past?  It was familiar ground.

Events impact us with a vibration -- like a guitar string being struck.  If we don't or can't express our truth, the impact it's stored in the body as stress.  Energy comes in but not back out.  It's easier to block expression rather than its reception.  Having to protect the vulnerable core, choosing silence, hiding, are strategies developed because of fear or shame.  Better to be quiet, hold the breath, block expression.  Blocked energy over time can create health issues, such as high blood pressure, or problems with the thyroid gland.

Learning to trust, feeling safe and loved, are necessary steps in opening and healing the throat chakra.

Use toning exercises and mantra to practice sound and resonance.  And sing!

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