Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Listening 6-29-11

Deep listening is an essential part of communication.  First of all, taking the time to be quiet and listen to the self -- to still the chatter of the mind and open to silence.  This is the time the upper and lower chakras can enter into resonance with each other, connecting mind and body.

Besides listening to the Self, practice listening to all kinds of sounds from the outside -- listen to the birds, to distant noises, the trees rustling, to music, even to the rhythm of words.

Active listening is a communication skill that helps others know they are being heard.  One person speaks without interruption while the other listens.  The listener then repeats back to the speaker what they heard being said.  The speaker makes any corrections and the process repeats.  Then it's time for the second person to speak.  This technique can do wonders to help solve communication difficulties.

It may be nearly impossible to communicate if we were never given the chance as a child.  In an authoritarian or overbearing family, if a child isn't given the chance to voice their own feelings or thoughts, it is difficult to trust and open up -- or to feel that your words are worth speaking.  It's important to reflect back to childhood situations and explore the roots of fifth chakra deficiency or excess.

Find ways to stretch your limitations -- warm up the body with exercise, then practice opening the throat with any kind of sound that comes from the inside.  From there, practice toning vowel sounds, and then singing.
And remember to LISTEN to yourself:  what is it your truth and how do you speak it?

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