Friday, February 4, 2011

Chakra Two 2-4-11

Congratulations!  We've completed forty days of of Chakra One and now begin our second of eight forty day meditations.
The shift we make today is from Earth, Grounding, and Stability, where our concern has been with survival and structure, to the element of Water, where we cultivate Feelings and Emotions, and where our focus will be on Sexuality and Pleasure.

The following is a list of the basic issues of the second chakra to keep in mind:  Change;  Movement;  Flow;  Sensation;  Pleasure;  Emotion;  Need;  Desire;  The Shadow;  Guilt;  Duality;  Sexuality.

Our meditation for the next forty days is Sat Kriya -- for channeling second chakra energy to divinity.
Sit on your heels and stretch the arms over the head, keeping the elbows straight.
Interlock the hands, extending the index fingers so they are pointing straight up.
Begin chanting the mantra "Sat" as you pull in slightly on the rectum, sex organs, and navel point, pulling the energy up from the earth.
Chant "Nam" as you release the locks, and feel the energy go out the top of your head.
The "Sat" is chanted from the navel and is a shorter, more powerful and emphatic sound.  "Nam" is more prolonged, relaxed, and releasing.

More to come!
Think movement and change!

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