Monday, February 14, 2011

The Pleasure Principle, root of desire 2-14-11

A romantic Valentine’s Day gettaway -- beloved husband, hot mineral springs, sex, touch, pleasure, emotional bonding -- yes, we are deep in the realms of the Second Chakra.  Sounds good.  But, there are traps here too, danger -- it’s a place we can get stuck -- too much of a good thing.  Addictions live here as well -- and dulality, tension, and opposition.  Water makes life juicy, but pleasure can turn to pain.  Closeness to neediness -- and the shadow of guilt looms as we play in the dilemma of attachment vs. separation.  Successful navigation through the second chakra requires an emotional core grounded enough to be contained, and open enough to flow and connect.

Keep up with our forty day meditation of Sat Kriya to channel second chakra energy to divinity.  This exercise strengthens the entire sexual system and helps one to direct the sexual energy of the second chakra into your own creativity and healing.

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