Thursday, February 3, 2011

Through the Red Door 2-3-11

This should have been the first photo of the series of Charka One, but I only just found this door a few days ago.  The secret red door!  Who knew???  It was in my husband’s woodshop covered by long drapes.  We have been slowly working toward using this walled off area separate from his main shop, as a studio for ourselves--a clean space for art projects and the like, not covered in saw dust and wood chips.  And there it was!  A bright red door hiding under the drapes.  Immediately I thought of the first chakra, not exactly a new thought for me during these last several weeks, as my husband could probably tell you!  
So Metaphorically, what does that mean?  
That we’ve discovered and entered through the red door.   We’ve begun a jouney, stepped across a threshhold.  We’re on a jouney of developing consciousness, challenging ourselves by entering the territory of red and all the qualities first chakra contains -- the root, earth, foundation, solidity, mother, trust, nourishment, matter, manifestation, abundance.  All the things we’ve been immersed in for the past forty days.  We’ve done yoga to help stimulate the first chakra.  We’ve done the meditation for rejuvenation.  We’ve examined, thought about, wrote about, our fears, demons, resentments and rigidities. 

And so we’ve Survived -- we’ve met our basic needs -- we can move forward.  We’re ready, prepared, to push further -- from the world of the physical, the place of one, to the less exacting world of feelings, emotions, creativity, flow, the world of duality and opposites.

And tomorrow I get to change my toenail color from red to orange--and tie an orange string alongside the red one on my wrist!  I’m excited.

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